Monument Signs for Dignified Texas Businesses

Monument signs are designed to elicit a sense of awe, and make an impact on all who view them. Crafted with consummate skill from stone, brick, or concrete, this type of sign is an incredible investment with the potential for a great return in customer drive and visibility.

The earliest permanent structures on Earth were crafted from stone, and some stand to this day. Millenia of weathering and human contact has not worn Stonehenge to rubble, after all. If you want a sign that will stand the test of time and the trials of weather in our harsh Texas climate, a monument sign is the best choice.

There are also some businesses and organizations that simply cannot find the image and impact they need in a traditional business sign, like a Channel Letter or LED sign. These businesses can often realize their dreams of a stately, dignified image by designing a monument sign. Some businesses and organizations that have found increased visibility and image with a monument sign include:

  • Medical facilities and hospitals
  • Churches
  • Schools and educational institutions
  • Law offices
  • And many more!

Choose On Time Signs for your next Monument Sign!

On Time Signs is proud to be a leader in business sign solutions in Texas. We are constantly seeking the best materials and practices to keep your business signs at the top of their game. For an impact that cannot be rivaled by any other sign type, Monument signs are a great investment. The dignified image and appearance of a sign set in literal stone is one that sticks in the minds of customers and clients long after they have left your location.

When you decide to make the leap and design a monument sign for your business, On Time Signs is here to help you get started on the right foot. Our initial on-site survey provides us the information we need to calculate a quote on price and timing for our fabrication and installation professionals to complete your new sign project. We turn around a quote within three business days after we complete the survey. If you want to shop around, that’s fine; you’re under no obligation to take our word for it, that our quote is the best value for your money. Once you decide to choose On Time Signs, though (and may we say, good choice!), we promise you will be satisfied with the results and the price. We are one of the most affordable options, while maintaining a premium standard of quality and appeal.

We also promise that we are not satisfied with your new sign, Monument or otherwise, until and unless you are!

Our professional fabrication and installation experts adhere closely to all local, state, and federal guidelines in manufacturing, materials, and installation procedures. Our years of experience ensure that you are receiving the best results possible for your business, and our prices are some of the most affordable in the industry. When you choose On Time Signs, you know you are getting great results, On Time! Give us a call today!

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