Custom Fabricated Church Signs for Dallas Fort Worth

On Time Signs are the local sign experts in the Dallas Fort Worth area. From custom church Signs to business signs, On Time Signs has you covered. Whether you need a pole sign to elevate your church above the surrounding landscape or a dignified monument sign to bring the congregation to your doors, the professionals at On Time Signs provide quality results that last. We use only the best materials, the most current industry standards, and the most effective processes to produce signs that stand up to the tough weather conditions of Texas all year-round. No matter your church’s budget, On Time Signs has an affordable, prime-quality option for you.

Custom Church Pole Signs

Pole signs are one of the most effective, stand-out choices for advertising impact. Lit for 24 hours of shine and visibility, this type of sign towers over the surrounding area, showing your congregation exactly where you are, ready to serve them. These signs are worth more than their height in advertising punch!

The benefits of pole signs are numerous:

  • Durable construction and sturdy materials
  • Weatherproofed, lasting paint
  • Energy-efficient bulbs for 24-hour visibility
  • Rigid, corrosion-resistant structure prevents rust damage for years
  • Compliant to all local and state laws and ordinances

Custom Church Signs

LED and Digital Signs for Modern Texas Churches

Custom Church Signs never get more customizable than this! LED and Digital signs are what you get when the need for round-the-clock visibility meets the modern age. You can change the messages displayed on your digital sign with a few key clicks; alert your congregation to your hours of worship, upcoming special events, and even the theme of this week’s sermon. There is no reason you should remain in the stone age when On Time Signs has high-quality, affordable options for your church signs today. LED and digital signs provide unique benefits to churches, including:

  • Easy programming to fit your unique needs
  • High visibility to bring in the public
  • Durable, lasting construction for Texas weather

On Time Signs is Your Best Bet for Quality Signs in Dallas Fort Worth

Not only do we provide the best fabrication and installation services around, we also provide maintenance and repair for your sign. Even if you did not purchase your sign from On Time Signs, we can still get your sign back up and running. And we do it in hours and days, not weeks, like some of “the other guys.” A broken sign in need of repair can have a huge impact on the appearance of your church; our professional teams are honest, hard-working, and they use their time wisely to get your sign working again in as little time as possible. We use only industry-standard equipment to track down and isolate the problem with your sign; once we have completed repairs, we double check the sign to ensure it is back running exactly as it should. Before our team leaves your location, they ensure that the repairs are satisfactory. We are not happy if you are not happy! On Time Signs takes pride in being the best option for many kinds of sign solutions in the Dallas and Fort Worth area. We want you to know that your sign will be completed On Time, every time, at a price you can afford. Feel free to peruse our “Recent Projects” gallery, to see the results we have completed for businesses and establishments in Dallas, Fort Worth, and the surrounding areas. If you are ready for a new sign for your church, feel free to fill out our Contact Form, and one of our professional design team will give you a call or an email as soon as possible. We strive to provide top-notch signs to businesses, including churches, in our area; we would love to add you to our list of satisfied clients! When you need a new sign to drum up attendance at your worship services, you can count on the professionals at On Time Signs to provide the best service and premier results. If you need more than one sign, even more than one type, we are your best choice; when you choose On Time Signs, you are choosing quality and affordability, with friendly service and professional expertise. You can’t find any better than that! Give us a call today, and get ready for your new sign!

Custom Church Signs, Monument Signs

Monument signs are crafted with skill and professionalism to make an impact on anyone who views them, even if they are just passing by! Built with stone, brick, or concrete, these signs are an incredible investment choice with the potential for great returns in visibility and customer draw. If you want a sign that can stand the trials of time and weathering, monument signs are the best choice for your dollar. The earliest permanent structures were built of stone, and some remain intact after thousands of years. Millennia of weather, exposure, and human contact has not worn Stonehenge to pebbles, after all. Harness the power and beauty of stone in your church’s monument sign today! If a traditional Channel Letter or LED sign just will not do, find increased visibility and prime-quality imaging with a monument sign.

Custom Church Signs

How On Time Signs Builds Your New Sign

When you’re in need of new Custom Church Signs, you want to be assured that the project will be completed efficiently and affordably. Here at On Time Signs, we have a basic process that we follow on every sign project, and we want you to be aware of that process so you can make the best choice for your church’s needs. When you contact us to request a new sign, we begin the process of gathering information. We strive to make sure your new sign reflects the image of your church, and we also strive to complete the initial site survey efficiently. We will often need the following information before we can proceed:

  • Artwork – Has your design team already developed an idea for your new sign, or do you need the help of our design team to generate the perfect sign?
  • Physical address – We will need the actual physical location of your church property, so that we can complete our site survey.
  • Paperwork – If the property where the sign is to be placed is leased, we will need a copy of the lease paperwork. We will also need any criteria from the landlord, regarding size, materials, and any other aspects of design.

Once we have this information, we send out one of our professional survey teams. They take measurements, draft plans for the installation, and determine any modifications or adjustments your plans might need. Including travel time to your site, the whole process of the initial survey takes about two hours on average. You do not have to be on-site when we arrive to complete the survey. You can be going about your day, and we can complete the survey whenever is most convenient for your schedule. We then provide an estimate, based on the information we have gathered and compiled. If there are any provisions or restrictions because of your property’s lease or other legal strictures, we take these factors into account. We strive to generate an accurate quote and estimate within 72 hours, or 3 business days. Our specialty is providing quality signs on schedule; we make it a point to stay On Time, the first time! If there are any permits you will eventually require from the city for your new sign, we actually file for these on your behalf. We follow all guidelines and regulations at the local, state, and federal levels. We procure quality materials, and begin to bring your design to life. Our design teams double check the artwork and specifications regularly throughout the process, to ensure everything comes out exactly right before your sign ever leaves the warehouse. Once the sign is finished, our senior design staff performs one final quality inspection to make absolutely sure that your sign is the best possible rendition of your initial design. Our team contacts the city on your behalf to finalize the paperwork required before we install your new sign. We retrieve any permits and post them according to regulation at the job site before proceeding with the installation. We schedule your installation for a date and time that best fits everyone’s schedules, and we follow all industry regulations and standards to do the installation right the first time. Afterward, our team will take photos of your completed signs; we can also send digital copies of the images to you, if you could not be present at the completion of the installation. We only send the final invoice when you are satisfied with your new sign. We are not happy with it until you are.